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Restaurant 1881

Find the Restaurant 1881 at the fourth floor of the museum. 

1881 by SAGARDI is a traditional Mediterranean restaurant set up around a large outdoor terrace boasting a unique and privileged view of the Barcelona skyline.

Located at the rooftop of the Museum of History of Catalonia, a building that was built following the English style found in ports around the world, where history and culture bring together countries and peoples. SAGARDI makes of this unique location a place of gastronomy, sensibility and emotions.


1881 la terraza de las Indianas.

A classic and faithful to the essence of the combined cocktail bar, a cuisine of sea and land, evoking sounds to all the ports that Catalan sailors visited.

A tribute to the Catalan printed textiles that served as currency exchange for overseas products that arrived at Barcelona in late of the nineteenth century coming from the maritime trade in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and which were called Las Indianas.


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